1833 - JOSEP SAGARRA SELVASEMBRADA (14-11-1827) (13-5-1884)

It was the era of arts and crafts, and J. Sagarra decided to leave the trade of his father (who was a hatter) to become a cabinetmaker, and by doing so started our company, at Calle de la Palla 35, within the walls of Barcelona.

1907 - JOAN SAGARRA VIOLA (4-3-1856) (4-1-1920)

The earliest written document in the possession of the family behind the company. It is the rental contract for the premises at Calle de la Palla, 35. They made wooden houses, puzzles, letters, and all types of handicrafts there.

1929 - JOSEP SAGARRA MIRÓ (14-6-1886) (28-08-1959)

The Barcelona International Exposition. Josep Sagarra was a total visionary, and took advantage of the event to seek new challenges and raise the product's profile. Since then it has been a milestone in the company's outward expansion. It left the guild structure (centred in the Gothic Quarter) and aimed to bring the product to a wider clientele.


He was the youngest of seven brothers and started in the trade as their apprentice. Unfortunately, all his brothers died young, and he had to take the reins of the business at a very young age. "Fretsawyer "

JAUME SAGARRA FENECH ((11-12-1939) (21-5-1988)

4-11-1968 he married Maria Diéz Garcia. Two families with a great deal of history came together. Joan and Miquel Díez, Maria's grandfather and father respectively, were great painters, and they also made signs at Calle de la Palla number 8 (which were at that time painted behind glass). This marriage led to a combination of the knowledge of two trades: fret sawing and painting, giving the business a unique touch.

the company became a limited company.


with the international perspective that runs in the family, J. Sagarra began the transition from a shop (located at Calle de la Palla 35) to a factory (at Calle Parlament 55), to take the product forward and steer it towards large signs for facades, channel letters with a structure, making large signs the company's flagship. "The greatest satisfaction I get from the signs I make is not that the client pays me for them, but instead what enables me to transform the company" Jaume Sagarra Fenech.

1992 - JAUME SAGARRA DÍEZ (8-11-1969)

The Barcelona Olympics. Jaume took advantage of the event to consolidate the major clients who place their trust in Rótulos Sagarra S.A. because of its added value: the quality and guarantees the company offers.


With the Sagarra family's tradition of a constant focus on raising the company's profile, Jaume made this constant wish into a reality, and the company has grown and receives commissions from all over Spain and internationally.

The Spanish expansion of Fotoprix begins.
the Spanish expansion of Pizza Hut begins.
The Spanish expansion of Carglass begins.


Apart from large signs (the company's flagship product), it expands its market and specializes in signage, and this also a distinctive product for the company.


Expansion of the exterior channel letter signage at Sant Joan De Deu to the interior, exterior and evacuation signage of all the buildings.


beginning of the exterior signage at all centres of the Polytechnic University of Catalonia.

2013 Internationalization of the company.
Byosistems (India)
Casa das Janellas (Portugal)
Mascaró (Francia)

beginning of the nationwide change of signs by the FIATC Mutual Insurance company.

"If you want your life and business to change, you can't always do the same thing" Jaume Sagarra Díez.

Change of logo. The age and quality of the company is stressed.

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